How to send win popup message in Win 10/11?

Win popup designed messenger for local area networks.
Effective intercommunication is one of the main factors of the general success of any company, be it a local family shop or a large multinational corporation with thousands of employees.
Instant messaging communication software saves time and money, it makes business cycles faster. Winpopup messaging improves the efficiency of your enterprise and, therefore, increasing the profit of your business.
Corporate IT specialists overlook secure corporate Win popup communication suites and opt for the public instant messaging software, such as ICQ, MSN, AOL and Yahoo IM's.

Winpopup instant messaging tool.

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If you build a large-scale corporate instant messaging system, it usually has quite a lot of flaws and potential security dangers that are not to be underestimated.
As we all know, public Internet Instant Messengers are exposed to virus and hacker attacks that threaten the security of the company private data sent and received through these instant messengers.
Second bad aspect of usual public Instant Messaging software is that these applications use servers to exchange messages between users.
Your company working processes depend on their stability and possibly not be able to use the services when one or all servers are down due to technical issues, which is unacceptable for business applications.
Other inconveniences of using online Instant Messaging (IM) software are the need for corporate firewall ports to be opened. This may affect the security of the corporate network. Almost all freeware IM applications do not use messaging encryption. They usually do not have an adequate technical support team, most of Instant messengers are full of ad banners and getting a lot of spam messages.
If looking for effective LAN instant messaging software that would meet you corporate requirements, we recommend taking a close look at our Office LAN Messenger, as Winpopup alternative tool. This business messenger was specifically developed to meet the needs of corporate users seeking rock-stable, easy-to-use messaging and file-transfer service with advanced messaging encryption. IT specialists will be happy to find that they can automatically install Popup Messenger on all network computers using domain group policies and remotely restrict most of winpopup style messenger features for PC users. Instant LAN messenger supports Microsoft/Citrix terminal services, so you can start an individual instance of the application for each terminal user.

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Last Version: 12.0

Winpopup windows on

Release Date
December 7, 2023

Supported OS:
Win2000, XP,
2003, 2008,
Vista, Windows 7,
Windows 8, 8.1,
Windows 10,
Windows 11,
Mac OS X

Intranet, LAN, WAN
(TCP/IP required)

Language Pack:
Portuguese (Brazilian)
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